The Miss Earth Pageant is considered the third largest and most relevant pageant in the planet. With 90 countries about to participate in its 2016 edition, it is back to its home base, the Philippines. Coronation night will be happening on October 29 at the Mall of Asia Arena and will be available in about 190 countries through live and delayed telecasts.

Miss Earth, an environment-themed pageant, has been at the forefront in spreading environmental awareness across the world through its national franchises actively doing their respective environmental advocacy.

This year, following a pattern from the Miss Philippines – Earth pageant, it is implementing the EARTH WARRIOR CHALLENGE where candidates are asked to actively get involved in any environmental activity in their home country to set an example on how to preserve and protect the environment. This is again another innovation happening only in Miss Earth which is a far cry form the usual activities of any conventional beauty pageant.

Notably, a number of delegates have been seriously taking this challenge and a lot of remarkable involvement in environmental preservation initiatives were already observed from all over the world. A solid proof that Miss Earth is really walking their talk. Take for example Miss Earth Uganda’s partnership with Rotaract Earth Initiative where 10 millions trees will be planted by 2020.

Miss Earth New Zealand working with Conservation New Zealand and Whau River Catchment Trust in order to sustain the initiatives done by these organizations for the environment.

If these are indications in the giving of an Earth Warrior special award,  these two delegates will surely land as finalist in this category. Other notable delegates in this category are South Africa, Cook Islands, Ghana, Kenya, Wales, Austria and Nepal.

Another potent element which distinguishes the Miss Earth pageant from the rest, is the Eco-Beauty Videos of each of the delegates. A moving testament of the passion and dedication of each Miss Earth delegate towards protecting our planet.

Each video narrates the delegate’s environmental advocacy and when defended excellently during closed-door preliminary could possibly grant one a ticket to the semifinals.

In 2015, three of the Eco-Beauty Video finalist made it to the Top 16 and one even won an elemental crown for her country, USA. Miss Mongolia and Miss France settled a top 16 finish. While Miss Belgium must be commended with her great over-all performance.

This year, the eco-beauty videos of Moldova and Colombia are gaining rave  reviews because of its simple yet effective narrative on how each one can use its power in protecting our only home. Take a look at their videos:


Other notable eco-beauty videos are from Hungary, Ecuador, Mongolia and England.

In Miss Philippines – Earth 2016, the winner of Eco-Beauty Video award was not able to land a semi-finalist slot compared to the winner of the Earth Warrior Challenge and if the same scenario is going to happen in Miss Earth, there will be a sure Top 16 semi-finalist in one of these categories.

But taking into account the significance of these challenges and the amount of work each candidate is putting into these activities, the winners of these two categories must be given each a slot in the Top 16.





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