South Africa has again found its lucky charm in Carla Viktor, who is a 25 year old honors degree  student in Psychology at the University of Pretoria. She will be representing the rainbow country of South Africa in the 15th Miss Earth Pageant in Vienna, Austria from November 18 to December 5.

Carla who values the principle of Ubuntu – I am because we all are, believes that people create their own opportunities. Using these opportunities to better the world around us makes us realize that it’s not about the title, but rather the purpose behind the title.

Carla is a driven, determined and focused young woman, who is hungry to learn and make an impact that is tangible and sustainable through leading by example. She considers the greatest threat to our planet to be the belief that someone else will do the work for us, and even though it might be difficult to change the whole world all at once, we can start where we are, with what we have, and ultimately teach and inspire others to do the same.

Truly, Carla is a woman full of substance. She will be bringing on her luck to the Miss Earth Pageant hoping to make a dent in the international stage.

South Africa has participated in the Miss Earth Pageant since 2001 and was able to land in the semis five times in its 15-year history. Its highest placement so far was in 2012 when Tamerin Jardine almost grabbed an elemental crown during the finals.

Backed by a strong national organization, Carla’s participation in the Miss Earth pageant will be a showcase of Miss Earth South Africa’s notable environmental works and she will be an encouraging and inspiring force in spreading environmental awareness worldwide.

Let’s get to know this earthly gem a little more!




180 cm

135 lbs

On her National Pageant:

“Miss Earth South Africa, which focuses on women empowerment through the vehicle of the environment,

runs for a period of 6 months. During these 6 months the finalists engage in various projects

within their own communities and these projects range between greening initiatives,

food security, education amongst school learners, energy efficiency projects,

clean up campaigns and stationary drives. The main focus is on the quality of our environmental projects

and the sustainable difference that we as catalysts for change achieve in our communities.

We also had two weeks where all of the finalists came together for team building exercises

and environmental workshops. The hard work culminated into a final interview,

where a panel of 6 judges adjudicated us on our environmental knowledge,

our community projects and

I was announced as Miss Earth South Africa on the 10th of September 2015

at the lovely Palazzo Hotel who is part of Tsogo Sun, one of Miss Earth South Africa’s main sponsors

by South Africa’s Minister of Tourism, Derek Hanekom.”

south africa1

Thoughts on Climate Change and her Environmental Advocacy:

“To combat the effects of climate change

I have been actively involved in the Miss Earth South Africa legacy projects focusing on adaptation.

We started a campaign called the #Big02Challenge where the aim of the initiative is

to create awareness around the effects of climate change and promote active participation

in communities across South Africa. I’ve personally planted over 500 trees during the Miss Earth South Africa

programme and the Miss Earth South Africa has planted more than 20 000 trees over the last few years.”


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As Element of the Earth:

“The element that best describes me is Earth. Our Earth nourishes our existence; it encompasses and gives life to people, animals and plants, it is the beginning of everything that we know.

Mother earth is strong, dependable yet patient and tolerant and those are qualities that I strive to live out.

To keep my feet firmly on the “ground” by staying connected to what truly matters

is also another reason why Earth inspires me.”


Expectations on Miss Earth 2015:

“I’m extremely excited to meet all of the girls, but I’m especially looking forward

to meeting the ladies from the African continent as they are my African sisters

and I believe we all share a common goal for Africa. I look forward to sharing ideas

and solutions pertaining to our continent, hopefully establishing relationships

that will aid us in tackling the effects of climate change on the African continent as a united force.”




I understand that it is my responsibility to play my part in the preservation of Mother Earth

and to lead by example so that others can realize that they need to play their part too.



Miss Earth South Africa 2015

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