From the twin island-country of Trinidad and Tobago, Danielle Dolabaille, a Caribbean Princess, will try her luck in the environment-themed international pageant – Miss Earth. Danielle, who was a candidate in the Face of Trinidad and Tobago 2013 and Miss Universe Trinidad and Tobago 2014, has been doing environmental activities like coastal clean-up and is active in spreading environmental awareness in her home city, Port of Spain.

Trinibad and Tobago, known for its Carnival is the birthplace of steelpan, limbo and the music styles of calypso, soca and chutney, can also be remembered as the country that hosted the Miss Universe 1999 Pageant where the most popular fall during the Evening Gown preliminaries of Miriam Quiambao of the Philippines, happened.

Aside from these popular facts, Trinidad and Tobago can also be highlighted as one of the most bio-diverse country in the Caribbean which has a wide variety of flora and fauna, which the Miss Earth Pageant, the third most popular and the most relevant pageant in the planet, is focusing for its protection and preservation.

Trinidad and Tobago has participated in Miss Earth only a five times in its 15th year history luckily grabbing a Top 16 slot in its first year with the statuesque Leah Mari Guevara.  Could this year be another lucky year for this twin-island country?

Let’s get to know the Caribbean Princess who will conquer the Miss Earth stage in Veinna, Austria on December 5th!




5′ 7.5”

115 lbs.

On her National Pageant:

” I was selected to represent my country through an open casting and then an intense interview session.

The Miss Earth Trinidad and Tobago franchise has a new holder so he felt it was better to meet with the delegates along with a panel of judges to select the best delegate possible to represent Trinidad and Tobago.

I was crowned in June 2015.”


Thoughts on Climate Change and her Environmental Advocacy:

“Trinidad and Tobago is well known for our contribution to the world in the oil and gas industry

and even though we are richly blessed with this we have to be careful with our carbon emissions.

So far, in becoming the representative for my country I had to change my mindset

as well as my family’s to care for our mother earth by recycling and reducing our use of electricity.”


As Element of the Earth:

“It is hard to pick just one element because two of these elements are the essence of my being.

Earth and Water. I am head strong, I remain true to what I believe in

and I love having my mind in a relaxed state of peace and just admiring nature

which is very easy to do in my country.”



Expectations on Miss Earth 2015:

“I can hardly wait to arrive in Vienna and meet all the beauties from around the world

fighting for one common cause but I am most excited to hear about their cultures and traditions.

I look forward to meeting and building relationships with all the delegates.”




I am very passionate and a hard worker and I would use everything

in my power and everything I learnt to protect our home, our Earth.




Miss Earth Trinidad and Tobago 2015


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