Ebony-beauty Agot Deng Jogaak is a 21 year old, 5’10” statuesque model who won Miss South Sudan in 2014. Possessing “endless-legs” and a soft heart for children, specially those who were victims of conflict, is South Sudan’s delegate to the most relevant pageant in the planet – Miss Earth.

Miss Earth 2015, which will be held in Vienna, Austria from November 18-December 5, 2015, is considered as this year’s most anticipated event. It is the 15th Anniversary of the pageant and is expected to be the most participated in Miss Earth history having 100+ delegates converging in the most environment-friendly city in the world.

South Sudan was first seen in action in the Miss Earth pageant in 2008 and was last seen in 2013. This year, with a new organization holding the franchise-Miss South Sudan Foundation, a new era will be brought forward with an aim of making South Sudan’s presence felt in the Miss Earth Pageant.

South Sudan as a young nation, which declared its independence in 2011, have experienced civil wars which left thousands of its citizens homeless and devastated. But despite these struggles, dreams of a good and peaceful life never cease to inspire them. Just like what happened to Alek Wek who has inspired millions of women of color and was instrumental in changing the perception of the fashion industry.

This year, another dream is about to be fulfilled and South Sudan’s flag will be waving proudly as it will be pushed to the limelight once again in this year’s Miss Earth pageant. With her is a mission of spreading awareness on environmental protection.

Here she is!

South Sudan




51 kg

On her National Pageant –

“I contested in a national competition of Miss South Sudan. I won and was crowned Miss South Sudan which give me the opportunity to compete in Miss Earth.  Miss South Sudan Foundation is the new franchise holder in South Sudan. That is how I was selected to represent my country.”

South Sudan1

Environmental Advocacy:

“As the title holder of Miss South Sudan and an environmental advocate, together with the Ministry of Education of the Republic of South Sudan and UNICEF took the initiative of launching an education program called Back to Learning. The main objective of this launch was take back 4,500 children who dropped out of school due to the war that broke out in December 2013. I believe that educating children is the most vital stage of addressing effects of climate change because education equips children with with attitudes,values, knowledge and skills necessary for them to protect and conserve our environment. The other activities I am doing at the moment to address climate change involve tree planting in certain areas in Juba because it’s a city with a growing number of people coming from different parts of the country. Some people cut down trees to create space for settlement. I am working on a re-planting activities with the Ministry of Environment.

South Sudan3

South Sudan4

As Element of the Earth:

“The element that best suits my personality is Earth. Because I love and appreciate nature. I come from a country with so many different bird species, animal species, so many hills, mountains and thousands of forests consisting of a variety of tree species. I would love to see my country remain as green as it is. I would love to see all those animals multiply and have the best of mother earth because am sure that’s how nature wanted it to be. To co-exist with our environment and everything in it. I can say I have  loved nature that mother earth has provided for us.

South Sudan2

I am a WOMAN OF THE EARTH because I feel like I am an Earthling.  So, it’s my full responsibility to protect mother earth. One person can’t do much alone. Protecting planet needs all of us to play a role regardless of where you are.


Miss Earth South Sudan 2015

South Sudan5


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