There are a lot of interesting facts about Belgium.

First, there is Belgium waffles, of which there are three main varieties. Liege waffles are the most common of these varieties. The others are Brussels waffles, which are big, fluffy and rectangular, and galettes, which are thin and usually served in the mornings. Brussels waffles are usually served with ice cream, fruit or other sweet spreads, while galettes are typically served with jam.

Second, Belgium is famous for its chocolate. Actually, more chocolate is sold at the Brussels International Airport than any other place in the world.

Third, Belgium is also famous for delicious baked goods such as gozettes, cramique, and several types of tarts.

Fourth, Belgian beer is another claim to fame for the European nation. The country produces more than 800 different types of beers.

Fifth, it is the birthplace of French fries, which some people mistakenly think as synonymous to British chips.

And sixth, Belgium embraces equality. No discrimination in race and color. Proof of which is how they encourage participation of women in color in beauty pageants. And this year is no exception, though it is not the first time, Belgium will again be represented by an ebony-beauty in an international beauty event – Miss Earth.

Miss Earth Pageant is one of the leading pageants in the world. Armed with a relevant advocacy, that is, spreading environmental awareness across nations. In Miss Earth, Belgium has been represented almost every year since 2001 but none of them has ever captured any of the semi-final slots.

Will this year be an exception?

Let us be delighted to meet this year’s Belgian delight!



AGE  :  20

HEIGHT  :  1.72m

WEIGHT  :  53 kg

On her National Pageant:

“I was selected through a national competitionnamed Miss Exclusive, this was held on the 26th of October 2014 The winner does not only win the Miss Exclusive title but also the prestigious Miss Earth Belgium title and therefore get the opportunity to represent Belgium on the highest stage, being Miss Earth 2015.”

Environmental Advocacy:

I started off by changing my ways of living, being more aware and cautious on the choices i make.  Not only do I want to make a change but also to set an example by living what i preach. I am able to work with two great organization both tackling environmental and animal issues.

The first one is called the Jane Goodall Institute (Belgium) and is one of the 11 institutes in Europe. Our mission is:

  1. To improve understanding and treatment of great apes research, public education and advocacy;
  2. To contribute to the preservation of great apes ad their habitats by combining conservation with education;
  3. To create a worldwide network of young people who have learned to care deeply for their community, for animals and for the environment and who will take responsible action for them;
  4. Planting trees here and in Africa to not only better our environment but to also help the genetics of its habitat.

My second project is I tried to get everyone involved in my second project by asking people through social media, through family and friends to ask around for old but still usable things such as clothes, shoes, bags, decorations, etc…Everything that is still in condition. On 17th October, all of the collected things will be displayed at our City Hall compound so that people in need can come and help themselves.

Not only I am trying to help those in need but also encouraging others to re-use and recycle at the same time.


As Element of the Earth:

I can see a bit of myself in all of the four elements but the element that describes me best is Air because of its positive qualities being lightness, independence, care, freedom, trusting nature, optimism and joy.”   

Expectations on Miss Earth 2015:

I am very excited to meet them all and learn more about their projects, cultures and views on environmental issues. I would love to get to know all of them since since we all share the same passion but different views.  In such way we can all combine forces and share all our goals.

12022380_1126608197368505_6147114628781842772_oI AM A WOMAN OF THE EARTH BECAUSE I AM ABLE TO PLAY





Elizabeth AT Dwomoh




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