BORNEO MAHARANI – National Costume of Miss Malaysia Earth 2015

malaysiaNC2“The Borneo Maharani” is heavily inspired by the rich cultural and traditional elements found in East Malaysia/Malaysia Borneo namely Sabah and Sarawak States.

‘Maharani’ means a queen of a higher degree portrayed as a heroine. Maharani word also symbolizes the power of a Queen that is transmitted to the world. All creatures are bowing to the authority of the Queen.

All accessories and materials used posses unique cultural and traditional elements of Malaysia Borneo. The imposed of traditional elements such as clanging of bells on the attire is a perfect combination of ingenious design and comfort. The colors and styles also depict the type of life of each Malaysia Borneo ethnic community has evolved into. The designs are ahead of their time by binding and at times by weaving onto a flexible base. The attire is then fully adorned with the sequins, colorful threads, as well as several bird feathers that work as exotic wild elements. The crazy-clashing colors often feature the designs of foliating petals, which are interconnected into ancient times.


The attire combines metals, beads, bones and wood materials to form one gigantic canvas that in turn creates a beautiful persona for the Maharani. Some elements seem to be a clash of colours, but strangely enough produce a fantastic but fascinating result. From the highest peak of Mount Kinabalu, to the longest river in Malaysia (Rajang River), Malaysia Borneo is indeed an island that is rich in biodiversity, cultural and traditional elements.

(c) Miss Earth Malaysia and Stevie Sebol, Costume Designer


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